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Earn money

Earn money by submitting your own mockup environment. Whether you're a professional photographer or amateur, making good mockup is not so hard at all. See below for fees, rules and some hints on making good mockups.

Premium mockups

Soon there will be premium mockups introduced for $2 price. These will be special kind of mockup environments that are exclusive and are not offered for free anywhere else on internet. That means they are used more rarely and you can use them with more confidence for more important projects.


Fees are simple - you will earn 50% of all payments we receive regarding your mockup environment. It is up to you which price to choose (Free or $2 Premium) - but there is one rule - for the first mockup you submit you must choose "Free" price.

Required rules for submission

  • For the first mockup you submit you must choose "Free" price. Only starting your second submission you can choose Premium price - $2 for mockup.
  • Minimum image width: 3000 px. (Suggested 5000+ px)
  • You must be the author of photo or have permission of an author.
  • You must own PayPal account in order to receive earnings (If you have other payment solution, please contact us).
  • If you choose "Premium" price, you guarantee you are not offering this mockup on other sites for free.
  • We have right to decline your submission or ask you to consider "Free" price because of quality or content issues in your photo.
  • Accepted file formats are .JPG, .PNG and .PSD (overlays are supported).
  • You grant permissions for user generated mockup with your photo to be distributed under CC0 licence.

Hints for making good mockups

  • If device is black and edges of screen are not seen, if possible, use this image as background. Save it to your device, open it in photo app and zoom it to full screen, hide any overlays or toolbars. On non-black color devices just switch display off.
  • If possible use 35mm-55mm or even higher lens with low F-numbers to get beautifully defocused backgrounds behind your device.
  • Try to avoid direct light and object reflections on screen.
  • Keep your device screen clean :)

Submit mockup

Send your mockups to
If file is more than 10 MB, use some sharing service (like, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) instead.

By submitting your mockup, you agree to rules mentioned above and grant permissions for user generated mockups with your photo to be distributed under CC0 licence.